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Activities for preservation of nature

Nature comprises of everything that surrounds us. The trees, forests, rivers, rivulets, soil, air all are the part of nature. Keeping nature and its resources integral. So, it is very important for the continuation of life on earth. It would be difficult to imagine life on earth, which has a spoiled natural environment.

Therefore, taking appropriate steps to conserve nature in its untouched form. It must be a priority for the human race. Only human beings with their power and ability can save nature in its purest forms.

The activities included in PRESERVATION OF NATURE empower students to take a lead in creating a healthier, greener and sustainable learning environment where students understand the importance of saving the environment and take necessary steps to conserve the natural resources. It also help them develop the knowledge and skills required to address challenging environmental issues.

The objectives are mainly:

  1. To help students realize the significance of natural resources
  2. To make students understand the significance of protecting the environment.
  3. To  learn about various ways of protecting and conserving the environment.
  4. Learn to develop solutions to pressing environmental problems.
  5. To help students understand the importance of these resources and how we can improve the situation by taking appropriate actions in our regular lives to preserve these resources.
  6. To  develop a world where every individual is aware of and concerned about environmental issues and work towards creating sustainable strategies for the current situation and preventing future problems.