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Cleaning Around Us: Support Community Services

Inclusive Happiness: An online Session by Students

Human Values and Business Management: An analytical discussion Session

Tree Plantation in Campus or near by areas of Student residence

Sanitizer Making Tips

https://youtu.be/Em0Mw13zaDU https://youtu.be/GRRtn8DKAY0 https://youtu.be/Y04wwkKU45k https://youtu.be/LVlrCwfHQRU https://youtu.be/4icurzUcDps https://youtu.be/j6s_5J0A2jU https://youtu.be/bq3msBFUXDA https://youtu.be/Xi-JiW0Cets https://youtu.be/CwU7iArAsAk

“Avoid Food wastage” Awareness Drive

https://youtu.be/NY4GvxrUyRw https://youtu.be/x8TpIgeJKHQ https://youtu.be/LAY12G7gLRU https://youtu.be/mPc0TJ8oIdQ https://youtu.be/uqme-Wjk4Ds https://youtu.be/6U1IV3yqMZ4

“Avoid Food wastage” Awareness Drive

Mask Making Tips

https://youtu.be/77rHJ_B8ezY https://youtu.be/yehH2bM3H0I https://youtu.be/lOVuAfDh7cY https://youtu.be/wAsBp1B95U0 https://youtu.be/USq3bdWdp9s

Save our World from Pollution: Online Campaign to reduce air pollution

For the students, by the students

When we think of student engagement in learning activities, it is often convenient to understand engagement with an activity as being represented by good behavior (i.e., behavioral engagement), positive feelings (i.e. Emotional engagement), and, above all, student thinking (i.e., cognitive engagement). This is because students may be behaviorally and/or emotionally invested in a given activity […]

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