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Get Vaccinated

Cleaning Around Us: Support Community Services

Inclusive Happiness: An online Session by Students

Human Values and Business Management: An analytical discussion Session

Tree Plantation in Campus or near by areas of Student residence

Sanitizer Making Tips

https://youtu.be/Em0Mw13zaDU https://youtu.be/GRRtn8DKAY0 https://youtu.be/Y04wwkKU45k https://youtu.be/LVlrCwfHQRU https://youtu.be/4icurzUcDps https://youtu.be/j6s_5J0A2jU https://youtu.be/bq3msBFUXDA https://youtu.be/Xi-JiW0Cets https://youtu.be/CwU7iArAsAk

“Avoid Food wastage” Awareness Drive

https://youtu.be/NY4GvxrUyRw https://youtu.be/x8TpIgeJKHQ https://youtu.be/LAY12G7gLRU https://youtu.be/mPc0TJ8oIdQ https://youtu.be/uqme-Wjk4Ds https://youtu.be/6U1IV3yqMZ4

“Avoid Food wastage” Awareness Drive

Mask Making Tips

https://youtu.be/77rHJ_B8ezY https://youtu.be/yehH2bM3H0I https://youtu.be/lOVuAfDh7cY https://youtu.be/wAsBp1B95U0 https://youtu.be/USq3bdWdp9s

Save our World from Pollution: Online Campaign to reduce air pollution

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