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Mandatory Faculty Development Program on ‘Online Teaching and Futuristic Classrooms’

Contents of the FDP

Session 1

  1. How to join and operate email@sbjsr.in through mobile
  2. How to join and operate email@sbjsr.in through Laptop/Desktop
  3. Switch to this ID in Google Classroom, Google Meet, YouTube and Gmail

Session 2

  1. Join Google Classroom through invite
  2. Join Google Classroom through code
  3. Posting links and content in Google Classroom

Session 3

  1. Operating Google Meet
  2. Scheduling a Google Meet
  3. Sending invitation for Google Meet

Session 4

  1. How to create Videos
  2. Resolutions of the videos
  3. Making lecture videos using White-board (Black-board and Green-board)
  4. Making lecture videos using mobile-boards
  5. Making Lecture videos using Power-point (or any other presentation software) along with webcam

Session 5

  1. How to edit a video on Mobile
  2. How to edit a video on Laptop/desktop

Session 6

  1. All about YouTube menus and YouTube Studio

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