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Deserving / Eligible students are encouraged to take advantage of the Financial Aid in terms of Scholarships as shown below:

  1. Government of India Scholarships for SC students
  2. Government of India Scholarships for OBC students
  3. Government of India Scholarships for ST students
  4. Government of India Minority Scholarships
  5. Other Rajasthan State Scholarship

Students are also advised to check www.scholarships.gov.in for the scholarships listed below:

  1. Post-Matric Scholarship Schemes for Minorities
  2. Post-Matric Scholarship Schemes for SC Students
  3. Maulana Azad National Fellowship for Minority Students
  4. Post-Matric Scholarship for Persons with Disabilities
  5. Scholarships for Top Class Education for Students with Disabilities
  6. Central Sector Scheme of Scholarships for College and University Students
  7. PG Indira Gandhi Scholarship for Single Girl Child.

Students belonging to SC / ST / OBC are required to fill up the online forms in order to avail scholarships mentioned above.

Students who apply through these portals do not get any fee concessions while taking admission. They have to directly apply for the benefit. The awardees get the financial benefits deposited directly into their personal bank accounts.